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Communication Strategies

Engaging stakeholders whether they be clients, customers, investors, or community members can sometimes be a challenge.  At Pivotleader we have decades of experience and have spend millions of our own dollars perfecting marketing and communication methods. We have experts who have worked with organizations like yours and helped clients navigate the complexity of web, social media and traditional marketing with phenomenal outcomes. Reach out to us to see what we can do! 


Public companies in Northern British Columbia have unique challenges. Pivotleader works specifically with mining and exploration companies to improve their engagement with stakeholders including investors and potential investors, communities and First Nations. We help companies come up with strategies to enable them to become leaders in the sector and be recognized for their contributions.


Reach out to us for more information.  


There are 3 Keys to Successful Marketing: 

1. Capture the attention of your intended recipient

2. Give them a reason to believe in you

3. Call them to action

(If you want to read more pick up the book Profit Yourself Healthy by Dave Fuller one of our team leads)


At Pivotleader we come across organizations who are wasting money on marketing and communication efforts and not getting the results they need because they haven’t spent the time, money and energy over the past 35 years to stay on top of the trends and understand how to make their money work for them. Fortunately, the Pivotleader team has a mix of generations of marketing expertise from recent graduates who understand how to reach the current generation to old timers who have spend their own money in their businesses getting results. We want you to be successful in reaching your clientele and growing your business. We are not interested in creating marketing plans that don’t drive results or are too complex for you to manage.

Reach out to us if you are truly interested in getting results using marketing and communication methods that work. We guarantee our results because you worked hard for your money!


Understanding the needs and requirements of community members can be difficult. At Pivotleader we have years of experience in engaging community members and help leaders understand the needs and contributions that communities require. Let our team of experts help you come up with a plan to ensure that your messages are understood and appreciated.





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