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Norm Adams, MBA, CPBC

Norm Adams, MBA, is quick to point out that too many people struggle in their jobs, only to realize that it's the system is broken - not them. As a Certified Professional Business Coach he enjoys working  with leaders to develop and streamline their key systems for success.  Norm is an experienced trainer, facilitator, business developer, and business owner with 30-years  experience working with public and private companies in Canada and the United States. 

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Dave Fuller

Dave Fuller, MBA, CPBC

Dave Fuller, MBA, believes that leaders grow from the continuous application of best practices and new knowledge. As an Award Winning Certified Professional Business Coach and Author of the book “Profit Yourself Healthy”, he has worked with business leaders from over 200 organizations, on three continents since 2015 and has facilitated training for hundreds of leaders in both the profit and non-profit sector to help them achieve less stress and better outcomes.

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Alyson McHugh, MSc, CPBC

Alyson McHugh, MSc, CPBC, is an accomplished Research Scientist and entrepreneur with over two decades of experience helping people and nature thrive together in today’s business world. She has worked closely with Indigenous communities in both  Canada and the United States and has extensive experience leading collaborative ventures and building capacity in the field of biology and restoration. Alyson’s unique experience helps Pivotleader guide leaders, and their teams to overcome business challenges, and drive business development.   

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Trevor Bruintjes, CPBC

Trevor Bruintjes is a Certified Professional Business Coach and AI technology expert specializing in HR and Agile Hiring. He is passionate about helping businesses leverage AI to streamline the hiring process, imrprove operations, increase productivity, and drive growth. With a focus on company culture and values, Trevor offers valuable insights into unbiased hiring, attracting, and retaining top talent. As a trusted advisor, his coaching services encompass sales, marketing, leadership, business systems, and personal effectiveness.

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