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Business Valuation Estimate (BVE)

Curious about how much your business is worth and might sell for? We will provide you with a Business Valuation Estimate (BVE) based on your financials and other information you provide that will give you a range of value of the worth of your business.


Total Cost: $1,000 CAD + GST

What You Get:

  • Confidential Business Valuation Estimate - report

  • Reports are typically finished within one week of payment and receipt of your information

  • The report is reviewed by Certified Professional Business Coaches, who have MBAs and are members of International Business Brokers Association (IBBA)

  • A 45-60 Minute Meeting to discuss the valuation and help you with clarity about what your next steps could be.

Please note, these valuation estimates are for your personal and business use. Pivotleader Inc or its Principals or Agents shall in no way be required to give testimony or support this estimate in any way to outside parties. The information you provide will not be verified or audited by Pivotleader Inc.

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What We Need From You To Get Started and Tell you What your Business is Worth:

In Order to get started on your valuation we need the following items from you

  • 3-5 Years Profit & Loss or Income Statements ideally prepared by your accountant. These should be emailed to

  • Minimum two years of balance sheets at your year end

  • A list of any benefits that you might be receiving from your business that might not be reflected in your financial statements. (use of vehicles, phones, supplies, trips, etc etc)

  • The amount of money that you are taking from the business as the owner in wages and salaries,

  • The amounts of money any other family members might be receiving though they could perhaps not be working - This helps to identify true discretionary income of you as the owner.

  • A estimation or list of assets that the business has including real estate


Of course we will have a few other questions once we delve into this information however we will be able to get started and able to determine how much your business is worth at this point in time.

Reporting Format:

  • 1 Week Turnaround

  • Confidential reporting that is covered by our NDA

  • In depth financial analysis of the financial documents you provide with industry benchmarking for value

  • One 60-minute one-on-one meeting with an Evaluating Broker who will explain the results of your valuation and discuss some of your options moving forward

  • Separate and distinct evaluation methods are considered to address the numerous components of a business's current company value

  • Professional report for your use

  • report contains a suggested most probable sales price range and supporting documentation and data used to evaluate your business

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We Take Confidentiality Seriously!

For the purpose of this engagement our brokers and valuators may have access to or receive certain information about the Company that the Company designates as confidential or that, under the circumstances surrounding disclosure, ought to be treated as confidential by the Broker (“Confidential Information”). Confidential Information includes information relating to your Company or its current or proposed business, financial statements, budgets and projections, customer identifying information, potential and intended customers, employers, products, computer programs, specifications, manuals, software, analyses, strategies, marketing plans, business plans, and other confidential information, provided orally, in writing, by drawings, or by any other media. We agree that we will treat the Confidential Information as confidential and will not disclose it to any third party or use it for any purpose but to fulfill his obligations in this agreement

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