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Human Resources

Employee challenges can be disruptive for the whole team. Dysfunctional organizations struggle to achieve their goals, get results, and have a workplace of balance and harmony. At Pivotleader we work with leaders and their teams to ensure harmony, productivity, trust, and accountability are found in their workplaces. We help organizations reduce their stress and have better outcomes for all stakeholders including owners, managers, staff and customers.


Many leaders feel that they are carrying the brunt of responsibility on their shoulders. This pressure can be unbearable over time. At Pivotleader our team is trained to work with organizations, their leaders, and employees to facilitate engagement and achieve their goals in a timely fashion that takes pressure off of leaders and involves employees to be part of the solution instead of bystanders to problems. If this is a challenge for your team, please reach out to us for a free consult.


Every leader of every organization has had a time when they have had an employee who causes grief and chaos within the business. When this happens other staff members can feel alienated, upset, and disengaged. Unless disruptive employees are dealt with in appropriate ways, the problem can fester for weeks, months and years until the cost of not dealing with the solution becomes prohibitive. At Pivotleader, we have team members who have expertise in handling difficult employee situations that will assist you in making the right decisions to enable you to reduce the stress in our organization.


Often times leaders don’t’ have the time to engage staff in a meaningful way to illicit the feedback they need to make decisions. At Pivotleader we believe that leaders need to know what your employees care about? Are they accountable for getting stuff done? What do they like about working for you? What don’t they like? Why is it that you have a high turnover, or you feel that your team isn’t as engaged as you believe they should be? Often your employees will feel more comfortable and honest in speaking to outside people and give you input. Let Pivotleader help you to engage your employees and give you a foot up on creating a plan for a better workplace environment. 





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