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Are you keeping the fire alive?

This morning, I woke early with an epiphany. At 4:44 am, there I stood, shoveling coffee into the coffee-maker, struck by the realization that despite all the blog posts and workshops, I’ve never ventured to describe a business owner’s relationship with the business as a romantic one. The parallels are obvious – a business needs to be nurtured, success comes with good communication, a drive towards a common goal, and an acceptance of strengths, weaknesses, and (let's face it) some annoying idiosyncrasies. So, as we approach Valentine’s Day here’s my story on how you can treat your business not just as an entity but as a partner in a committed relationship. Don't forget Valentine’s Day is Wednesday, the 14th!

Are you keeping the fire alive in your business?

Are you courting your business? Are you charming it? What are you doing to keep the fire alive? Is it a flourishing partnership that will stand the test of time?

Think back to the early days. Remember the jitters before that first date? The meticulous choice of outfit, the strategic selection of a meeting place, the rehearsal of engaging topics of conversation—all in the hope of making a dazzling first impression. Your business demands a similar level of attention and preparation. Think of your brand as your business's outfit; it needs to resonate, to attract. Your storefront or website is your meeting place. Make it inviting, easy to navigate, and reflective of your brand's ethos. And when it comes to conversation, ensure your customer service is impeccable, making every client feel heard and valued. Like in dating, first impressions in business can be the start of a long-lasting relationship

Over time, as in any serious relationship, the initial butterflies eventually settle, paving the way for deeper commitment. This stage requires you to roll up your sleeves and lean in, even when the payoffs aren’t immediately evident. It means investing not just money, but time, creativity, and continuous leaning in to the business. There is much to learn, sometimes it takes years to really know your business. Just as in a real relationship, your business thrives on attentiveness and the willingness to grow together.

Good communication is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship, and your business relationships are no exception. Whether it's with your team or your customers, maintaining an open, transparent, and consistent line of communication is key. It's not just about listening to feedback, addressing concerns, and celebrating successes it’s also about promptly dealing with misunderstandings and miscommunications that can result in unhappy customers and disengaged employees. So, keep those communication channels wide open, and watch your business relationships flourish.

Afraid to try something new? In the world of romance, surprises can rekindle the flame and keep the relationship exciting. Similarly, introducing new products, services, or even a fresh marketing strategy can invigorate your business and spark interest among your established clientele. You may even find that customers you haven’t seen for a while start visiting again. Whether it's a surprise sale, an unexpected upgrade for loyal customers, or a new take on an old service, keeping your business dynamic will ensure your "relationship" remains engaging and rewarding. It’s all about value!

Every time a customer visits your business you have an opportunity to renew your relationship to them. This Valentine's Day take an opportunity to renew your relationship with your business clients. If things have been bumpy, you have an opportunity to smooth things over and reset the journey.  If you do it right, with sincerity, you’ll have a business that flourishes.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Norm Adams, MBA, is a Certified Professional Business Coach with more than 25-years business experience in both Canada and the US. We could ask his partner, Lisa, but we're guessing that Norm's a better business coach than a relationship coach, so there's no truth that he's expanding into life coaching any time soon! Kidding aside, Norm has worked on a variety of projects in his career in both the public and private sectors, and First Nations settings. He lives and works in Prince George. His family first moved to Northern BC in the 1920's.

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Feb 09
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Great perspective article !

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