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Curious about how much your business is worth and might sell for? We will provide you with a Business Valuation Estimate (BVE) based on your financials and other information you provide that will give you a range of value of the worth of your business. 


We will research your market and industry and give you an 8-10 page report that will enable you to have some clarity about how much you might be able to sell your business for. 


This confidential report is not a formal valuation which is typically $10,000 - $20,000, and conforms to the guidelines of a business appraiser. However, for most business purposes, this report will satisfy your needs. Most people typically use these reports for determining values for sales of the business to family members or outside parties. 


Reports are typically finished within one week of payment and receipt of your information. We will probably have questions for you as we prepare the document, so delivery will often be tied to the timeliness of your responses. 


Our work is confidential to you and reviewed by Certified Professional Business Coaches, who have MBAs and are members of the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA).


Please note, these estimates are for your personal and business use. Pivotleader Inc or its Principals or Agents shall in no way be required to give testimony or support this estimate in any way to outside parties. The information you provide will not be verified or audited by Pivotleader Inc.

Business Valuation Estimate (BVE)

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