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Pivotleader believes that good work starts with great research. We have talented team members who have the ability to work on research projects that are complex by nature. As one of the few research companies in the North we understand that our work can play an important part in understanding the dynamics of the northern economy and the people who live within it. We love to tackle those projects that need to be done in a timely manner either for government or industry. Please reach out to us if you have a research project in mind. 


Our team at Pivotleader has decades of experience in research going back to a project that Dave Fuller worked on in 1986 for the Central Interior Logging Association. At the time the association needed information to leverage government support for independent loggers in the North. Dave with leadership from Gene Krop and Hope Heinrich Lawyer Bruce Kaun, surveyed hundreds of logging companies and their owners in Northern British Columbia and the resulting report changed the way that government regarded the industry.

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Pivotleader can provide in depth economic data and insights by finding out the needs, concerns and opportunities facing stakeholders in specific industries or sectors. Our team of economists, researchers, and MBA’s will provide reports and data you can use to leverage your influence and attract attention that will help to solve challenges.


Small to midsize companies and local governments often don’t have the resources to do proper market research to enable them to affordably understand the dynamics of a new market or segment. At Pivotleader we provide small to mid sized businesses a resource that enables them to have a report at their fingertips in a short period of time which will help them make have clarity about a specific market area. Our research and reporting includes factors such as market size, demographics, psychographics, geographic, competition, behaviors and trends. Let us help you understand your market place potential.


Often business leaders like you have ideas that could transform their organizations but don’t have the time or energy to compete the research that will give them the knowledge they need to make insightful decisions. As a result, project research is done haphazardly off the side of the desk resulting in missed or mistaken opportunity decisions. At Pivotleader our team works with leaders like you on a regular basis to support their decisions and help them come up with plans that are based in research and not on hunches. Let us Help You look like a Hero!

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