PivotLeader offers four courses to help you train your staff, so your company is working at it's highest potential 

Leaders in Business 1.0

All across North America, numerous companies invest in robust onboarding programs for their new entry level associates. Unfortunately, management often overlooks the need to invest in ongoing leadershipf development training. When this happens, internal candidates are left to fend for themselves without any training or guidance to help them become effective leaders.


Sales to Success

Are you tired of losing sales and not making any money? OR even WORSE, are you tired of being told you "Just need to work harder?" Do you dream about making high commissions without working 60 to 80 hours per week?

We can help you make more sales and higher commissions!


90 Days to Pivot Your Business

Whether it is a result of slowdowns in the forest industry, pandemic hits to sales, or a shift in opportunities that includes mining and pipelines, this program is aimed at supporting successful businesses like yours who need to change gears and give their business a kickstart! 90 Days to pivot your business is just that. It is a comprehensive 3 month, 90 day program that works with your busy schedule to inspire and motivate you and your team. The program is delivered by Certified Professional Business Coaches who have owned and led businesses here in the North and have experienced situations just like you and your team are facing. The 90 Days to Pivot Your Business program includes training and coaching for you and your team to develop new skills and practices that will allow you to take advantage of opportunities and overcome challenges that your organization is facing.


Pivot for Profit 

This 3-month program is designed for business owners like you that need to turn their businesses around and make them profitable. The Pivot for Profit Program will help you focus on the key elements needed to make a business profitable. Each week we will focus on a different area of the business that affects your profitability. You will learn all those things about your business that you were never taught in school or when you bought that business. And you don’t have to do it alone.