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Is your business struggling with business development, leadership, communication or lack of training? We can help take your business to the next level by increasing sales and profit margins, developing  the skills in your staff and building a foundation of accountability in your business. ness!

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As a leader, you know the benefits of having a healthy team. At Pivot Leader, our team of PBCA Certified Business Coaches are supported by experienced trainers and subject experts who have owned and managed their own businesses. Together, our team can help your team stay vigilant and seize opportunities.



At PivotLeader, our purpose is to make a difference in the lives of leaders, their employees and their communities and instill a legacy of leadership for generations to come.



Our team works to help you take your business to the next level. Whether it is Strategic Planning or Strategic Implementation, our goal is to help you drive sales and profits. We have a proven track record of success in generating new business for companies just like yours!

Our goal is to help you take your business to the next level. Doing so may require strategic planning, market research, a sales and marketing plan or all of the above. Reach out today and take the first step towards less stress and better outcomes.


Great teams have great service standards. You have the ingredients of a great team but are they ready? Are your new leaders ready to lead? How familiar are you with The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) legislation? Are your employees proficient in using today’s remote meeting technology? If you’re not sure, give your team a leg up and contact us today – whether your need is specific, like Microsoft Excel, or related to broader subjects such as communications, emotional intelligence or diversity, we can help.


What do your employees care about? Are they accountable for getting stuff done? What do they like about working for you? What don’t they like? If you’re not sure, call us and find out how creating the right customer experience can start by creating the right employee experience.


Your organization has multiple stakeholders so how are you communicating with them? Do you have a one size fits all plan? How is that working? Collectively, our team has spent millions of dollars on communications and marketing strategies so we know that a solid plan requires a deep understanding of who your stakeholders are and what is important to them. Start a relationship with your stakeholders and contact us today.


"In the 6 months I've been working with Dave, he has helped me grow my company's sales to 3x what they were before! Not only has he made a huge difference in my bottom line, he has given me tips that have helped in all aspects of the business. I would highly recommend Dave and his team to any entrepreneur who wants to take their business to the next level"

C.M, Founder, Tech Services




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Ken Edzerza, MA Leadership

Ken has a Masters Degree in Leadership, focusing in key findings on Cultural Governance. Ken has successfully operated a consulting business for the past 22 years. The business focusses on providing services to young offenders and socially disadvantaged youth, institutions and communities working with youth, and with organizations regarding governance and operational improvements. Ken specializes in aligning aboriginal systems to incorporate cultural practices with modern technical/governmental & knowledge/practices.

Deb Marko

With a 20-year career in Human Resources Deb Marko is a qualified policy developer, and training coordinator with years of experience developing programs to support new employees and new managers in both union and non-union settings, public and private sectors and with BC First Nations. Deb is a seasoned facilitator with designations from Psychometrics / Myers-Briggs, Emotional Intelligence (EQi) and True Colors. Call PivotLeader today to learn how Deb can help you streamline your HR practices

Muhammad Rahman

Muhammad is an experienced professional with over 25 years of experience in multidisciplinary business areas. His experience includes information technology, business administration, data analytics, human resources management, health care, educational sector, project management, change management, operations management, training and development, and a college/university educator. He has an MBA focusing on organizational behaviour, a BComm in HR and Marketing. He also has industry-leading certifications, including PMP, CPHR, SHRM-SCP, MCSA, MCP, Certified Facilitator for TotalSDI (Strength Deployment Inventory), Lean Greenbelt, and training in Process Improvement/Management.

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Dave Fuller, PBCA, MBA

Dave Fuller, MBA, is a Certified Professional Business Coach and the author of the book Profit Yourself Healthy.  Dave is a business problem solver. He has over 30 years of business experience owning and running his own businesses. Dave knows what it's like to struggle in business and knows how to make Healthy Profits. In 2015 Dave received his MBA from UNBC and in 2016 wrote the book Profit Yourself Healthy. As a Business Coach Dave has clients across Northern BC and around the world. Dave's mission is to help business owners who are having difficulties get to a point where they can Earn More and Worry Less

Norm Adams, PBCA, BComm Admin 

“We spend a third of our lives at work. For many, most of that time is spent working within a broken system or with colleagues who aren’t up to speed. We can help.”  A trainer, facilitator, and business developer with 10-years recent experience in the financial sector, Norm has 30-years experience working with public and private corporations in Canada and the United States. Contact Norm today and learn how the team at Pivotleader can help you and your business!

Emily Fuller, BComm

Emily Fuller is a recent graduate of University of Northern British Columbia with a bachelors in commerce in general business and marketing. Emily is passionate in the field of marketing and delivering results to clients. 


“Success is not final; failure is not fatal:

It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

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