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Meet The Team

Dave Fuller

Dave Fuller, MBA, CPBC

Dave Fuller MBA, is an Award Winning Certified Professional Business Coach and the Author of the book Profit Yourself Healthy. As a Business Coach, Dave has worked with leaders from over 200 organizations from 3 continents in the past 6 years. He believes that leaders grow from continuous application of best practices and new knowledge. Dave has 35 years of experience owning and running his own companies with more than 50 employees. Dave has facilitated training for hundreds of business owners and professionals since 2015 to help them Earn More and Worry Less

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Ken Edzerza, M.A

For more than 25 years, Ken Edzerza of the Tahltan First Nation, has committed his career to the disciplines of self-governance and cultural governance. Over that time, he has not only worked with high-risk street youth, serious young offenders, and socially disadvantaged youth he has also worked extensively to improve the systems and governance models that support them. Ken holds a Masters Degree in Leadership and is the Vice President of the Tahltan Central Government. An NCCP Level 3 Certified Coach, Ken is an outspoken advocate for the role sports can play in society. He is Past-President of PacificSport Northern BC, former Chair of the Aboriginal Sports & Recreation Association of BC (ASRA), past President of Indigenous Sports Physical Activity Recreation Council of BC (ISPARC) and has served as a board member for the Aboriginal Sports Circle (ASC), and the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG).


Alina Shakirova, Marketing Manager

Alina Shakirova is a fourth-year psychology student with a minor in business at the University of Northern British Columbia. Alina is interested in helping people achieve the best results in their field by optimizing an individual's personal performance. 


Anna Harrison, CPBC

Anna Harrison is a successful entrepreneur with a strong background in business and leadership. Before transitioning into Coaching Anna was the owner of Genesis Holding Co. Ltd, for over 32 years. As a member of the Professional Business Coaches Association (PBCA) and Global Alliance for Leadership Development (GAPLD) Anna is a certified Business and Leadership Development Coach, with a focus on business, leadership development, strategic planning, implementation, sales and marketing strategies, and team building. Anna has held many leadership positions with business organizations and has won many business and leadership awards.


Norm Adams, MBA, CPBC

We spend a third of our lives at work. For many, most of that time is spent working within a broken system or with colleagues who aren’t up to speed. We can help. A trainer, facilitator, and business developer with 10-years recent experience in the financial sector, Norm has 30-years experience working with public and private corporations in Canada and the United States. Contact Norm today and learn how the team at PivotLeader can help you today.


Emily Fuller, BComm Marketing

Emily Fuller is a graduate of the University of Northern BC (UNBC), Emily’s university experience also included a year at the Paris School of Business – one of the Top 20 business schools in France. Emily was also a member of UNBC’s JDC West Business Strategy Team, Emily has supported PivotLeader throughout her university career. She has contributed to the development of numerous strategic plans and marketing plans and is frequently called upon to lead web design projects, print, and web-marketing campaigns for our clients. Emily is passionate about the field of marketing and delivering results to clients. 

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Ed Graydon, CPBC

Ed started his career as a second generation member of a family-based commercial and residential security business, established in 1972. He spent over 30 years honing his skills in sales and marketing, operations and accounting, staff management, organizational development and information technology.

Ed and his team led Graydon Security through an explosive growth period and through several corporate startups, mergers and acquisitions. In 2018, Ed and his partners successfully marketed and sold their business to a multinational Canadian telecommunications corporation.

Ed is passionate about small business; its owners and operations, the vital role small business plays in the economy and how strategic positioning and valuation of a well run company can pay off financially. Ed is now embarking on a new career to share his rich and varied experiences, both successes and failures, to help business owners thrive and ultimately reap the rewards of owning and running a small business.


Tony Malyk, CPBC

Tony is an award-winning Business Coach, Trainer and the Author of the book, “Leaky Bucket of Profits”. He has over 30 years of business management and entrepreneurial experience in building profitable and effective businesses.  Tony enjoys sharing his management experience and business coach training to help his clients transform their business into valuable, cash-generating enterprises with a focus on leadership development, strategic planning, sales & marketing strategies, team building, profitability, and financial management.  


Freddy Padilla

Freddy Padilla has experience in data management, development of mentorship and leadership programs for youth, and research projects. Freddy is passionate about business and supporting business leaders through his research. When not working, Freddy loves spending time with his family and creating culinary delights.

Emmanuel Ogwal BIO PIC.jpg

Emmanuel Ogwal, MA

Emmanuel Ogwal has completed his Masters Degree in Development Economics from the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) before joining Pivotleader, some of his research includes work in industry, medical sciences, forestry and agriculture. Emmanuel has a strong data science and analytic skillset and he has the ability to  conduct economic/business/health analyses with up to date cutting-edge technology.


Robert Quibell, MBA

Over the last eight years, Robert has worked with over 200 companies setting up and implementing digital marketing strategies and consulting on business operations. Robert has worked with various projects, including15 successful political campaigns and projects changing policy through social media. Robert has worked with Lake Babine Nation to coach developing in business plans through Community Future in Prince George.

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Rheece Hartte

Rheece Hartte is a Sales Professional with more than 45 Years of Sales, Sales Management and Sales Systems Development experience who helps anyone wanting to increase their Sales in any Industry.


Rheece started his own Sales Brokerage Business 30 years ago while running 4 other businesses. Before that he worked 5 years as a Sales Manager developing a team of more than 50 Sales Professionals. Prior to that he honed his skills with many direct sales businesses.

Rheece enjoys coaching and training people wanting to acquire or improve their Sales Skills so that they can meet or exceed their Business and Life goals. When he's not busy running his businesses, you'll find him enjoying Life with his Wife and 2 children or enjoying an active Lifestyle

Trevor Bruintjes

Trevor has over 25 years of management and entrepreneurial experience in building profitable and effective businesses. Trevor has hands-on experience in sales, budget development, customer service, HR and front office processes. He has a passion for sharing his business experiences to help others build stable, strong, long lasting businesses and Non Profits.

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