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Northern British Columbian Companies often promote from within to develop new managers and leaders for growing companies. This is good. While those same companies often will invest in training programs for new entry level associates, they often fail to invest equally with the arrival of internally promoted manager and leadership candidates. This is not so good. The result is that too often, the new manager has little choice but to fend for themselves, and they struggle to become a competent and effective leader and manager. Research shows that the maturation process can sometimes take 3-4 years. During that 3-4 year learning and maturation process, unfortunately, the new manager makes numerous learning mistakes by trial and error and struggles to gain confidence.

Today more than every leader is challenged with a new normal that is putting additional stresses on leadership ability. Developing managers who are able to cope with the additional pressures of dealing with remote workforces, technological challenges, and increased accountability while thriving in a new normal business climate.

This training program is designed to develop emerging leaders into a top performer in 8 months by working on developing the 14 key areas of business and supply them with training, education, tools, and best practices in each area.

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Course Format: 

  • Combination of group and customized management training via classroom training and video conferencing.

  • 2 x 60 min classes per month. (16 training sessions)

  • 1 x 60 min of 1:1 training per participant per month

  • Materials to support training session 

  • Weekly accountability reporting

  • Certificate upon completion of the program and celebratory wrap up even



$599/month ($4800 per participant)

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