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Leaders in Business


All across North America, numerous companies invest in robust onboarding programs for their new entry level associates. Unfortunately, management often overlooks the need to invest in ongoing leadershipf development training. When this happens, internal candidates are left to fend for themselves without any training or guidance to help them become effective leaders.

Research shows that the maturation process of a leader can take more than three years. During this time, many emerging leaders struggle to gain confidence and can make numerous mistakes – some of them financially costly to the business.

We can help.


Leaders in Business I is an eight-month, solutions-based program that includes both training and one-on-one coaching to ensure that leaders receive the targeted supports necessary to be productive and effective in their role.


Course Format: 

  • 8-month program or 4-month intensive

  • Two 60-minute classroom training sessions per month

  • One 60-minute one-on-one training session each month with an experienced business coach who will help you develop as a leader 

  • Access to books, videos, inspirational materials to support your learning

  • Weekly accountability-reporting, and tracking

  • End of course, celebratory wrap up event and certificate upon completion  



  • Total Program Cost: $4,800 CAD + GST billed as $ 599 per month or 4-month program $1200.00/month ($4,800 CAD + GST total)

  • Limited class size to ensure maximum learning and support

  • Discounts available for multiple seats. ​

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