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PivotLeader Business Brokers can Help You Buy a Business

What our Clients are Saying

"Dave and Norm and the Pivotleader team were exceptional in helping us prepare our business to the point where we were able to sell the company. Their support as we went through the sales process and due diligence enabled us to stay on course and reduce our stress levels"

Perry Cloarec, Everguard Fire Equipment

Pivotleader is the leading business broker in the North. We help match sellers with suitable buyers.  Please see our deals listed below and reach out to us if you want any more information.  We require all prospective buyers to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement before accessing detailed information about the businesses we sell. 


Besides listed businesses we also are working on a number of confidential private placements that are industry specific.  In the case that you are looking for a business in a specific area that has industry requirements of ownership, please reach out to us so we can inform you of any opportunities that are specific to your skill set. 

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