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If you are a leader who would like to have an organization that has less stress and gets better outcomes, you are in the right place. The leaders in business program will help you become a better leader and enable you to get better results in managing your department or company.


The truth is that most  companies often promote from within to develop new managers and leaders for growing companies. This is good. While those same companies often will invest in training programs for new entry level associates, they often fail to invest equally with the arrival of internally promoted manager and leadership candidates. This is not so good. The result is that too often, the new manager has little choice but to fend for themselves, and they struggle to become a competent and effective leader and manager. Research shows that the maturation process can sometimes take 3-4 years. During that 3-4 year learning and maturation process, unfortunately, the new manager makes numerous learning mistakes by trial and error and struggles to gain confidence.

Today more than every leader is challenged with a new normal that is putting additional stresses on leadership ability. Developing managers who are able to cope with the additional pressures of dealing with remote workforces, technological challenges, and increased accountability while thriving in a new normal business climate.

This training program is designed to develop emerging leaders into a top performer in 8 months by working on developing the 14 key areas of business and supply them with training, education, tools, and best practices in each area.

Course Format: 

  • Combination of group and customized management training via classroom training and video conferencing.

  • 2 x 60 min classes per month. (16 training sessions)

  • 1 x 60 min of 1:1 training per participant per month

  • Materials to support training session 

  • Weekly accountability reporting

  • Certificate upon completion of the program and celebratory wrap up even


This course is a continuation of the Business Leaders Training Program 1.0 which developed leaders in 7 of the 14 key areas of business, Leaders in Business 2.0 further develops emerging leaders into a top performers in 8 months by working on developing the next 7 of the 14 key areas of business and supply them with training, education, tools, and best practices in each area.

The 14 areas are: Sales, Marketing, Leadership, Strategic Planning, Financial Management, Human Resources, Customer Experience, Business Systems/Operations, Communications, Coaching, Choice (Time) Management, Business Development, Gross Profit Maximization, Management Fundamentals and Personal Effectiveness.

This 8-month program requires discipline and determination of managers. Participants will learn how to challenge their current behaviour in a way they have never done before and will require open minded thinking and a belief in possibility that will be build on the foundation of Leaders in Business 1.0

Course Format: 

  • 2 x 60 min in-person group classroom training sessions per month

  • 1 x 60 min 1-on-1 coaching sessions with a Certified Profession Business Coach

  • Monthly readings, videos and other matierals to assist training session

  • Weekly accountability reporting

  • End of course, celebratory wrap up event and certificate upon completion


If you are in sales and are frustrated by inconsistent results. This program is for you. You will learn how to sell more products or services with less effort by following proven processes that get you results. As you sell more, you will become more valuable to your company and earn more money.


This course will incorporate the best training and practices from Sadler, Brian Tracy, Grant Cardone, Dale Carnegie and more.  It is designed to inspire and invigorate sales professionals so that they can deliver better results and earn more income.  Participants will learn how they can take their sales to the next level, overcome objections and become more professional so that their businesses can outperform their competition and they can enjoy substantial success in sales.

Guarantee – We guarantee that you will see increased sales, better results and more income.

Course Dates: Contact for more information

Course Format:

  • Combination of group and customized management training via classroom training and video conferencing

  • 3 x 60 min classes per month. (24 training sessions)

  • Weekly accountability reporting

  • Materials to support training sessions

  • Certificate upon completion of the program and celebratory wrap up event


Whether it is a result of slowdowns in the forest industry, pandemic hits to sales, or a shift in opportunities that includes mining and pipelines, this program is aimed at supporting successful businesses like yours who need to change gears and give their business a kickstart!90 Days to pivot your business is just that. It is a comprehensive 3 month, 90 day program that works with your busy schedule to inspire and motivate you and your team. The program is delivered by Certified Professional Business Coaches who have owned and led businesses here in the North and have experienced situations just like you and your team are facing. The 90 Days to Pivot Your Business program includes training and coaching for you and your team to develop new skills and practices that will allow you to take advantage of opportunities and overcome challenges that your organization is facing.

Course Dates:  Contact for more information

Course Format:

  • 6 x 75-90 min training sessions

  • 6 x coaching sessions

  • Weekly accountability reporting

  • Materials to support training sessions


Business Basics -Profit Yourself Healthy

This seminar helps business owners understand the fundamental model for business and come up with concrete strategies they can use to increase their sales and double their profits – These techniques will work in any business in every industry.

Strategic Planning in a Day

This is a full day seminar where participants walk away with a strategic plan for their small business for the upcoming year. This proven process enables management to have clarity on what they need to do to enable their organization to thrive.  By the end of the day they will have strategies, plans and timelines to help them succeed for the year to come.

Every Brain in the Game -Getting Your Team Engaged

Dealing with employees can be difficult. This seminar helps business leaders and managers understand the best practices for ensuring employees are engaged and contributing to the success of the business.

Ramping Up Your Customer Service

How building loyalty with your customers can increase your profitability and reduce the effects of competition.  This seminar will give you some concrete examples that work in building customer service that business owners can take back to their business and put to work

 Pricing for Profit

Pricing is a challenge for many business owners. We don’t know if we are priced too low or too high. This seminar looks at different pricing models and helps the managers and owners of businesses consider options that will enable them to increase their bottom line and drive more sales.  

Marketing in a Digital Age

Getting effective marketing results in a digital age is a daunting challenge for many business owners. This seminar will help them understand the key fundamentals of marketing in order for them to get the results that they need.  

How to Avoid the 7 Critical Mistakes that Business Owners Make

Most business owners fail to realize that some of their things they are doing in their business may be an impediment to their ultimate success.

Exit Strategy and Succession Planning

Baby boomers are at a point in their lives when they are thinking of retiring from their businesses.  Unfortunately for many, selling a business that has little value is difficult. This seminar looks at some of the factors that business owners need to consider when they are planning for retirement and how to maximize the value of their business.

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