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"Life's a Meat and Cheese Platter, boy!"

Some time ago, my family doctor shared some wisdom that I'll always remember. We had an excellent relationship, and although I wasn't in his office on a social call I looked forward to our exchanges just the same. On this particular day, as were wrapping up our time together, we discussed the fact that I'd been putting in some long hours at work. Looking weary, he shook his head, and waved his index finger at me.

“Life's a meat and cheese platter, boy" he growled in his Scottish baritone. "When you die, your employer will send a meat and cheese platter to your house. Half of the people who sign the sympathy card will be so new in their positions they won't know who you are. Within a month most of them will just refer to you as ‘that guy who died’. As for your HR department, they'll likely have your job posted before your funeral service. Slow down, Man! It's simply not worth it!”

Are you putting in too many hours at work? How long has it been like this? Why? What processes can be improved? What tasks can you delegate? Who in your team is ready to step up?

Life is short, friends. Be the change.

Norm Adams, MBA, is a Certified Professional Business Coach with more than 25-years business experience in both Canada and the US. This 'meat and cheese platter' exchange was one of Norm's most memorable exchanges with his family doctor of 15-years, Dr. Bert Kellly, who passed in 2017. Kelly was a passionate advocate for northern BC and a key architect in the development of UNBC's Northern Medical Program. Life is short - enjoy a good single malt from time to time.


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