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Sales to Success

Sales to Success 

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Are you tired of losing sales and not making any money?

Or even worse, are you tired of being told you "Just need to work harder?"
Do you dream about making high commissions without working 60 or 80 hours per week?

We can help you make more sales and higher commissions

No more working evenings and weekends.

Evenings and weekends will be yours to enjoy with your friends and family.
We specialize in making better salespeople that their customers would love.

Here is what some of our customers - who are just like you - told us after completing our

4-month program: 

"I absolutely loved The Pivotleader Sales to Success course and appreciated the recordings. I especially liked the psychological and the technical aspects of the program. There were great discussions, I have incorporated the upfront contracts in my sales process and I am handling objections much better. I have new insight and my overall sales have increased so I am earning more" Robert H

"As someone who has had no sales experience the Pivotleader Sales to Success Program was amazing. I was able to learn about different strategies and systems and this has helped me feel more confident in sales and every aspect of my life. One on one with Robert was a game changer, he gave me so many great ideas to help with my job! I really appreciated this program. You need this for your business!" KM

"The Pivotleader Sales to Success course has improved my performance, being new I appreciated learning some of the techniques necessary to get better results. The best part of the program was working with my Sales Coach Trevor who helped support me for the past 8 months"  Dustin L

How did we learn? The hard way, just like the path you are on, and it was painful.

All our trainers have real world experience. They fought to make their way to the top.

More importantly - they helped us build a roadmap to help you start making sales right away. 


You don't have to struggle.

We will work with you over the next 4 months.

By the end of this course, you will be successful and have all your questions answered.​

Sales to Success, Roadmap

Level 1 - Sales Fundamentals

1. The psychology of selling - understand what it takes to sell and what your customers need to buy.
2. Gathering information - find key information on your customers and what they need.
3. Moving closer to the sale - find the information you need to close a sale.

Level 2 - Finding Customers

4. Planning to become efficient in sales - including key messaging and goals.
5. Prospecting to find great customers - learn about buying stages, and what analytics to watch for.
6. Building relationships - Learn how to build relationships that sell, and what influences them.

Level 3 - Making the Deal

7. Overcoming objections that stop you cold - learn how overcome them.
8. Closing the deal – learn why 'no' is not the end, it's just the beginning, and why. 
9. Advanced strategies – learn where the real money is made.

Qualified sales coaches will guide you every step of the way.

We know, at times, you’ll need immediate assistance. That's why, from the very beginning, your sales coach will work with you through each lesson, and assist you with those areas that are critical to your success. We won’t leave you hanging.

Not sure if you're right for our program? 

See where you fit on the monthly pay scale. If you hate commissions, are struggling with consistency, or make less than $10,000 plus a month. We can help you!

Sales to Success, Profit Pyramid

Contact us today, success is a click away!

Tuition Costs:

$3,500 + GST

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