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5 Things You Should Leave Your Successor:

The great resignation is something that people around the world are talking about. Not only are baby boomers retiring, many people who have suffered from pandemic burnout are

changing their positions, selling their businesses and moving on to follow their passions. However, having invested time and energy into our positions, our organizations, our companies, we probably have a keen interest in seeing those people and the business we are leaving behind thrive. So how do we do that? Here are 5 things you should leave your successor if you want them to succeed.

1. Operations Manual: an operations manual is a detailed set of instructions about how your company should operate in order to deliver your goods and services to your clients. While you may not need to have a complete manual for your whole organization, it's important to ensure that the person coming to replace you understands what you do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to enable them to be successful in carrying out their roles and responsibilities.

2. Some History of the organization: If your successor is not an internal hire, writing a

paragraph or two about your department or company and its history can go a long

way to their understanding of why things are done in the way that they are.

Understanding the past also gives us insight into the future and helps us avoid

repeating mistakes that have been costly.

3. Roadmap for the future: Whether or not they follow it, your successor will appreciate knowing what you had planned for the future of your division or company.

What are some of the things that you feel need to be completed? What were your

dreams for the future? If you have a strategic plan, make sure they understand where

to find it. While they may choose a different route based on their vision, your

roadmap will help them in the short term.

4. Accountable staff: No new manager needs to walk into management of a dysfunctional team. Ensuring that your staff understand their roles and responsibilities and are accountable can be one of the best gifts you can leave whomever is following in your footsteps.

5. Notes on the organization: This should probably include an org chart as well as perhaps a short bio on the people that work for you if your successor is an outsider. While their first steps should be to sit down and introduce themselves to the team members individually and collectively, chances are they are going to be overwhelmed trying to comprehend the dynamics of the team. By providing them with some clarity in this area you may save them time and stress.

We should all want our replacements to be successful and following the golden rule in this

case is a plan well taken. What would we appreciate if we took over our position? Considering this may be just what we need to feel good about leaving our seat vacant and

moving on to follow our passions and dreams.

Dave Fuller, MBA, is an Award-Winning Business Coach and the author of the book Profit

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